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Automatic screw capper VS 400

Automatic capping module for cylindrical caps

The VS 400 is an automatic capping module. It can be integrated into different CDA machines such as filling machines (K-Net Auto, K-Line S), but also complete lines (E-Fill, E-Fill S).

Thanks to its different capping heads, this capper adapts to many cylindrical caps (vertical striated caps, dropper caps, pre-threaded screw caps, screw caps and hinged lids) which makes it ideal for all industries (food, cosmetics, chemicals, e-liquid, cleaning products, etc.).

In addition to being versatile, the VS 400 is very easy to use thanks to the crank height adjustment. This capping machine has sensors to detect the presence of products and caps. They ensure the safe delivery of products and maintain an ideal production rate (up to 25 products / minute).


  • Capping head custom made according to the cap format
  • Bottle detection, cap presence detection
  • User-friendly


  • Capping:
    1 integrated capper
  • Capping production rate:
    up to 25 products per minute depending on format