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B-Caps automatic bottle capper

Automatic crown capping machine

The independent automatic linear capping machine B-CAPS manufactured by CDA allows the distribution (by vibrating bowl) and the capping of beer bottles, fruit juice bottles and any other bottles with caps, with a capacity of up to 1500 bottles per hour. The B-Caps can be adapted to all formats and capacities thanks to its interchangeable central wheel, and the capping power of the hydraulic cylinder can be adjusted to adapt to all types of caps.

In addition, a detector ensures the presence of the capsule. CDA’s automatic linear capping machine B-CAPS is compatible with a wide range of products from all types of sectors: food industry (capping fruit juice bottles), brewery (capping beer bottles), etc.

The B-Caps is compatible with a complete packaging line as well as automatic filling and labelling machines designed by CDA. It will take place in all microbreweries, artisanal breweries and any agri-food production workshop wishing to improve production performance.


  • Automatic feeding by caps unscrambler
  • Crown caps detection cell
  • Management via touchscreen