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Independent capping machine VSA

Independent capper suitable for all types of caps

The VSA is an independent capping machine with an intuitive touchscreen. This capper can operate 100% independently but can also be integrated into various CDA machines such as fillers (K-Net Auto, K-Line S) or complete packaging lines.


Several closing modules can be combined on this machine, such as the VS 400 (tribological or lug screwing head), the VS 500 (natural rubber screwing strips), the pusher (stainless steel buffer) or crimping (head suitable crimping). Several closing configurations can be achieved on the same VSA by combining up to 2 types of cappers, for example a VS400 with a pusher or a VS400 with a VS500. It all depends on your project and the caps of your products.
Placing the caps on the container before sealing is done manually by the operator.

The VSA have sensors to detect the presence of products and caps, which ensures the safe flow of products and maintains an ideal production rate (up to 1,500 products / minute).
Thanks to its different capping solutions, the module can adapt to all types of caps, whether cylindrical (caps with vertical ridges, pipette caps, pre-threaded screw caps, screw caps and hinged lids) with gun (for spray) or pump.


Due to its versatility, the VSA is ideal for many industries (food, cosmetics, chemicals, e-liquid, cleaning products, etc.).


Products feeding and accumulation solutions are available as an option (eg TRI).


Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team to obtain all the necessary information on this capper!