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Semi-automatic capping machine VS 100

Independent capper which can be integrated into a packaging line and is suitable for closing a wide range of caps

The VS 100 capping machine designed by CDA is a semi-automatic, independent screw-capping module for caps of all types of products. Using an integrated screwer, this module will screw the caps of your containers. Easy to use, it has a two-hand control and the adjustment of the screwing torque is done on the screwing head.

This semi-automatic capping system allows easy screwing of the caps of various containers (semi-automatic screwing for bottles, vials, cans, etc.), for a wide range of products: food(vinegar bottles, oil / olive oil, etc.), cosmetics (soap, shampoo etc.), e-liquidchemistry(detergent caps, etc.).

If you are looking for an automatic screw-capping machine, CDA offers you its VS 500 automatic capping machine (20 products per minute depending on format) or its VS 1000 automatic screwing machine (40 products per minute depending on format). To improve the packaging of your products, CDA offers you a wide range of semi-automatic labelling machines: Ninette 1semi-automatic labelling machine applies a label at a speed of up to 1000 products per hour, Ninette 2 semi-automatic labelling machine applies two labels up to 1000 products per hour


  • Independent capping machine
  • User friendly


  • Capping
    1 integrated capper
  • Adjustement
    Adjustment of the screwing torque on the head