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Complete line : K Line S – VS1000 – Ninon Mix

K Line S + VS1000 + Ninon Mix

CDA designs turnkey lines combining the 3 essential stages to the packaging of your products; filling, capping and labeling.

The K-Line S is an enclosed linear filling machine. Appreciated for its ease of use and self-cleaning, this filling machine is nonetheless very versatile. Depending on your products, we adapt the appropriate dosing system (volumetric, flowmetric, centrifugal dosing, etc.). The K-Line S can reach 3,000 conditioned liters / hour while maintaining an accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

Tuned by a linear conveyor (or curved depending on your workshop), the VS1000 capper, also fully enclosed, supports a wide variety of caps. Indeed, its capping system operated by electric screwdrivers is ideal for gun caps, spray caps, dropper caps, and many other types of caps.

Finally, the Ninon Mix labelling machine finalizes the packaging line. This machine can also, on request, be encased. Very versatile, the Ninon Mix can place labels on cylindrical products, but also tapered, oval or rectangular. Its production rate can reach up to 60 products / minute.

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Integrating machines inline from different manufacturers is complex (production rate, technology, conveyor height, size, operator training, etc.). Dealing with multiple manufacturers can lead to a loss of efficiency and solutions that are less "suited" to the customer's constraints.

CDA's decision

Benefit from advice and comprehensive services from a single point of contact specializing in packaging. A team of CDA engineers adapts the line to the customer’s needs and creates plans according to their workshop.


  • A complete line adapted to your workshop thanks to our design office made up of engineers (creation of a site plan)
  • A turnkey and enclosed packaging line, specially adapted to your range of products
  • The quality and responsiveness of CDA services, both in terms of training and after-sales service


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