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Complete line – K Net Auto – VS400 – Ninon Mix

K Net Auto + VS 400 + Ninon Mix

CDA offers the design of complete lines bringing together the 3 key stages of packaging: filling, capping and labelling.

On this line, filling is provided by the K Net Auto, an automatic machine that can fill up to 1,200 products / hour with an accuracy of +/- 0.5% of the dosed liquid. Depending on your industry and your product range, the K Net Auto will be equipped with a suitable dosing system (peristaltic, flowmeter, volumetric, etc.).

Capping is carried out using the VS 400. This automatic capper is versatile and allows the capping of many cylindrical caps (caps with vertical grooves, dropper caps, pre-threaded screw caps, screw caps, hinged lids, etc. etc.). The operator manually places the cap onto the container which will then be detected and then automatically be capped (tightening torque set via the touch screen) by the capping head.

Finally, the labeling is carried out by the Ninon Mix machine. This labeler is one of the most versatile in the CDA range. Square, cylindrical, oval, tapered products … Our labaler covers all of these containers with one to several labels. The production rate of the Ninon Mix can reach up to 60 labeled products / minute.

Complementary solutions can be integrated into your packaging line. Depending on your needs, we install machines transfer, accumulation or marking systems.


Integrating machines inline from different manufacturers is complex (production rate, technology, conveyor height, size, operator training, etc.). Dealing with multiple manufacturers can lead to a loss of efficiency and solutions that are less "suited" to the customer's constraints.

CDA's decision

Benefit from advice and comprehensive services from a single point of contact specializing in packaging. A team of CDA engineers adapts the line to the customer’s needs and creates plans according to their workshop.


  • Layout of the line according to your workshop and your working method
  • A complete turnkey packaging line, specially designed by CDA for your range of products
  • The quality and responsiveness of CDA services and technicians, both in terms of training and after-sales service


No planned obsolescence



Settled by our team



Our team at your service



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