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Feeding table / Products reception

Additional product to automatically feed products

The infeed/reception table manufactured by CDA allows automatic feeding and/or reception of a wide range of products (bottles, vials, jars, buckets, cans, cans…) on your automatic packaging line.

Our automatic feeding / reception table addresses all sectors of activity and many formats: cosmetics (liquid soap bottles, cream jars, etc.), food processing (olive oil bottles, vegetable oil, vinegar, preserves, etc.), etc.), e-liquid (electronic cigarette liquid vials), brewery (beer bottle of all sizes), wine (wine bottles of all sizes), alcohols/spirits (armagnac, cognac, vodka, etc.), chemistry (cleaning products bottles, detergent bottles, etc.), paint and varnish.

This complementary solution adapts to all automatic filling and labelling machines designed by CDA and optimizes the speed of your automatic packaging line.


  • Suitable for all CDA labeling machines
  • Automatically feeds products into your packing line
  • Optimizes the production rates of your filling or labeling machine