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CO2 laser marking for basic information

Laser machine to mark your products during packing

Videojet 3020 CO2 laser marker for companies to apply simple marking in a fully automatic way: date, time, batch numbers, serial numbers and also a wide range of other types of codes. Its maximum packaging line speed is 60 markings per minute. Designed for simple marking, this marker can be applied to many surfaces and is suitable for all automatic filling machines, automatic labelling machines and complete packaging lines designed and manufactured by CDA.

The Videojet 3020 CO2 Laser Marker can be installed by our trained and experienced technical team on any packaging machine and CDA packaging machines. Our customers looking for simple marking especially appreciate this marking model for its ease of use as well as our after-sales service that allows us to intervene quickly for assistance in its use.


  • Marking can be applied to many supports
  • Wide range of applications: batch number, date, time, barcode, expiry date, etc.
  • Machine easy to integrate into CDA filling and labeling machines