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Multiformat automatic feeding unscrambler with hopper

Multiformat unscrambler for automatic feeding of bottles from 10mL to 120mL

Designed by our engineering office to automatically feed CDA monoblocks, this feeding unscrambler works for multiple formats.

Adapted to all e-liquid Chubby Gorilla type bottles, the CDA unscrambler has a hopper with a capacity of 31 Gallons (120 liters) allowing the loading of numerous bottles to automatically feed your packaging line.

All you have to do is pour your containers, the bottle straightening and feeding operations of your packaging line are automated, saving you time and maximum productivity.

The feed rate of containers can reach 50 products per minute. This unscrambler specially designed for the Chubby range bottles can feed your monobloc in 10mL, 30mL, 60mL, 80mL, 100mL or 120mL. A simple change of tools will be necessary to switch from one format to another.

Other capacities and ranges of bottles may be accepted subject to testing and validation by our teams.

Combined with an E-Fill, the multiformat feeding unscrambler allows complete automation of the packaging line. By pouring the containers directly into the hopper, you will not have any manual intervention to perform until complete packaging of your bottles (filling, capping, labeling).


  • Multiformat
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Stainless steel


  • Production rate
    50 products per minute
  • Formats
    10 to 120mL with simple tool change
  • Hopper capacity
    31 Gallons


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