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Print & Apply CDA Labeling machines with the QuickLabel Kiaro!® printer

The QuickLabel Kiaro!® on-demand label printing solution provides high-quality printing, reducing label waste. This solution is perfectly suited for small and medium-sized productions. It also offers greater flexibility to meet the user’s needs.

Our automatic labeling machines can be equipped with the Kiaro!® QuickLabel printer to offer “Print & Apply” technology. This technology allows for real-time label printing and application on round, tapered or flat products made of plastic, glass or aluminum.

The use of the Kiaro!® QuickLabel printer and our automatic labeling machine allows for faster label changeover, reducing production line downtime. This solution is particularly suitable for the food, cosmetics, chemical, brewery, wine and paint/varnish industries.

Using QuickLabel Kiaro!® and our automatic labeler, you can print and apply self-adhesive labels on demand to get perfectly labeled products ready for sale.

If you are interested in this printing solution, please contact us to learn more about our products and services. You can also visit our dedicated YouTube channel to discover all our complementary solutions in video.


  • High quality labels
  • Less waste for your labels
  • Faster changeover
  • More flexibility for your small or medium runs


  • Containers
    Round, tapered or flat plastic/glass/aluminum containers
  • Production rate
    Up to 80BPM with Ninon Wrap for round / Up to 80BPM for flat


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