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Loading / unloading table by automatic modular belt

Additional product to automatically feed products

The automatic modular loading / unloading conveyor table designed by CDA allows automatic feeding of a wide range of products (bottles, vials, jars, buckets, cans, etc.). Existing in different formats (1600mm X 800mm, 1600mm X 1000mm, 1600mm X 1200mm, etc.), our automatic loading / unloading table adapts to the speed of your automatic filling packaging line and/or automatic labelling.

The CDA automatic modular loading / unloading conveyor table has been designed to handle a wide range of products and formats: food processing (jam jars, honey, canned vegetables / prepared meals, cans, etc.), cosmetics (cream jars, soap bottles, etc.), chemistry (cans / detergent bottles, cleaning product cans, etc.) paint and varnish (paint buckets, varnish jars / cans, etc.).

This complementary solution adapts to all filling and labelling machines designed and manufactured by CDA.


  • Custom-designed
  • Suitable for all CDA labeling and filling machines
  • Automatically loads products onto your packing line
  • Optimizes the production rates of your filling or labeling machine