CDA manufactures and designs packaging machines that allow the filling, capping, and labeling of various products. Our expertise has enabled us to develop specific manufacturing methods that allow for a creation based on ecodesign.


Discover our different measures:


CDA: The manufacturing of our machines:


The CDA company can rely on an R&D (research and development) pole that can take charge of the entire design of new products. First, the packaging machine is designed on 3D software and after this step, there is the prototyping phase. Imperfections are resolved through the creation of prototypes. The CDA company designs machines with few electrical components. This method is possible thanks to a reflection on the use of natural forces such as gravity. For example, the Distri Cap sorting system uses gravity. It works entirely by gravity. Depending on the position of the cap when it is picked up on the elevator, it will either be transported to the container on which it is placed or fall back into the capping tank.


Sustainability, something simple:


CDA has a machining company, CDU! CDU is an ultra-modern company that allows the manufacture of plates, frames, feet… It is a machining company that designs all the parts in-house. Work has been done to have lighter machines, requiring less metal during their manufacture. We have reduced the thickness of the sheets, which has allowed us to have better mobility of the machines and all other advantages.
We have our method in the construction of spare parts since we buy the right amount of metal when machining a part to avoid “wasting” material during cutting. Finally, a campaign has been conducted and is still underway to optimize the amount of material in the parts.


Ecodesign for a reasonable power consumption:


To offer you the best machine, we experiment and think about all its different aspects. At the level of the motor, it is important for us to make small motors to optimize the space. We can avoid wasting energy by using the right motors to allow the conveyors to work optimally. In terms of automation, it is possible to program the machine so that it does not run elements of the machine unnecessarily and therefore lose energy.


CDA’s strong points: low-cost transport, local suppliers, and quality materials:


At CDA, we source raw materials and many options for our machines from local suppliers. For the past 30 years, we have been working with our closest neighbors to keep production local and to favor short transportation.


Ecodesign, machines designed to last:


At CDA, our machines are durable, scalable, and easily repairable in case of problems because we provide all spare parts even on the oldest models. We do everything to design robust machines that require little or no maintenance. At CDA, we have a service department called CDS. CDS has all the spare parts for all models to repair or exchange certain parts of your machines even after 20 years. Our service agents are also available to answer your questions by phone, diagnose and troubleshoot your machine remotely, plan an intervention in your premises or ship your consumables and spare parts. CDA can even assist you after the purchase of your machines since 8 itinerant technicians are available to come to your premises to perform technical revisions and troubleshoot your machines.


CDA’s waste recycling


Finally, CDA takes care of its waste, which is why it works with local companies to process it. During the manufacturing process of CDA machines, scrap materials are collected and recycled by our companies. More than 28 tons of metal were recycled in 2021.