Embracing Social and Environmental Responsibility: A New Endeavor for CDA


Over recent years, as a French manufacturer of packaging machinery, CDA has embarked on a journey towards more responsible practices, encompassing procurement, waste management, partner selection, and beyond. While acknowledging that this journey is just beginning, CDA has taken a significant stride forward with the acquisition of the CSR Charter from the Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie (UIMM).


CDA’s Packaging Machinery: Ensuring Quality and Longevity


At the heart of CDA’s operations lies the manufacturing of filling, screwing, and labeling machinery. Through pioneering technologies and a steadfast commitment to excellence, CDA’s machines deliver unrivaled quality and efficiency while upholding principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship, notably through eco-design initiatives.


UIMM: A Key Player in Industry and Metallurgy


The Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie (UIMM) stands as a prominent professional organization representing entities within the industrial and metallurgical sectors. Built upon pillars of solidarity, innovation, and social responsibility, UIMM is dedicated to fostering economic and social advancement among its members, driving sustainable growth within the industry.


The UIMM CSR Charter: Advancing Sustainable Development


The UIMM CSR Charter serves as a testament to the commitment to sustainable development embraced by industrial enterprises. Issued following a comprehensive evaluation process, this charter sets forth a framework of principles and values guiding CSR endeavors. Encompassing areas such as environmental preservation, occupational health and safety, human rights, business ethics, and diversity, the charter underscores a holistic approach to responsible corporate conduct.


CDA and UIMM: Collaborating for a Sustainable Tomorrow


Through collaboration with UIMM, CDA has formalized its dedication to integrating sustainable development principles into its operations. Since 2016, CDA has implemented various measures aimed at reducing environmental impact and fostering sustainability. Leveraging its in-house machining capabilities and R&D expertise, CDA optimizes raw material consumption, produces energy-efficient machinery, and champions responsible procurement practices. Moreover, CDA places a strong emphasis on recycling, ensuring the reuse of metal scraps and implementing waste recycling initiatives, including cigarette butt and office waste recycling programs.

In summary, the attainment of the UIMM CSR Charter marks a pivotal milestone in CDA’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility (CSR). While there are many more strides to be made, this initiative reflects CDA’s steadfast determination to mitigate its impact and make positive contributions to society.