In today’s complex industrial environment, selecting the right partner for your industrial packaging equipment is of crucial importance. Beyond choosing filling, screwing and labeling solutions tailored to your specific needs, it’s imperative to be supported by a reliable partner for all after-sales issues, such as installation, training, emergency troubleshooting and so on.

Here are a few essential tips to guide manufacturers in this strategic decision.


Special Needs Assessment

Before starting the process, it’s essential to clearly identify your packaging requirements. A thorough understanding of your main product, complementary products, their formats, required output rates, and the specifics of your workshop and production process will enable you to choose the right partner and facilitate equipment configuration.


Reliability and quality

Choosing a supplier renowned for the reliability and quality of its machines is crucial. CDA stands out as a leader, offering high-performance, long-lasting packaging solutions. Our machines, designed and manufactured in France with meticulous precision, guarantee exceptional robustness. In-house parts manufacturing ensures responsiveness, customization and quality, representing an investment in durable equipment with excellent repairability.


Flexible solutions

Selecting a partner offering flexible solutions is essential to adapt to changing needs. CDA excels in this dimension, offering a diversified range from semi-automatic labellers (Ninette range) to complete packaging lines. The flexibility of CDA machines, which are often upgradeable, means they can easily adapt to changes in formats or products.


Technical support and training

Reliable technical support is essential to keep equipment running smoothly. At CDA, a dedicated team and a free hotline are ready to efficiently solve operational problems. Our field technicians install, train, troubleshoot and upgrade equipment.


Innovative technology

Innovation is at the heart of the criteria for selecting a partner for industrial packaging equipment. Thanks to our dynamic R&D department, CDA is constantly investing to offer efficient technologies and stay at the forefront of the industry. Choosing CDA means choosing a partner who is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the market.

In conclusion, choosing the right partner for your packaging equipment is a strategic decision. With CDA, you benefit from global expertise and a strong commitment to the success of your packaging project.