Are you looking for a simple and complete solution for labeling your products?


CDA USA has the solution for you, in partnership with QuickLabel Kiaro! ® printers!

Whether you do not yet have a service provider for printing your product labels or you want to simplify your processes by limiting the number of intermediaries, CDA USA offers you an all-in-one solution: “Print & Apply“.



What’s the “Print & Apply” solution?


As its name suggests, the “Print & Apply” technology prints your labels and applies them to the container to be labeled.

With the QuickLabel Kiaro! ® printer, you can print your product labels in high quality and on demand.

More convenient than a large label roll, the Kiaro printer gives you more flexibility for printing labels for your small and medium productions. You control the production of the required number of labels and thus limit waste.



This technology developed by Kiaro! ® can be adapted to all CDA USA automatic labeling machines!

Directly connected to the printer, the labeler is fed by the printed self-adhesive labels and applies them to your products.

This system is compatible with many products: plastic, glass or aluminium containers, round, conical or flat, ask our team for advice!



Discover in video the “Print & Apply” technology adaptable to all CDA USA automatic labelling machines: