When equipping your business with a screwdriver, it’s important to select a machine that ensures efficiency, precision and optimal adaptation to your corks. This article aims to guide you in choosing the screwdriver that will best meet your requirements in terms of speed, precision, ease of use, safety, etc., by highlighting some key tips to consider.


  • Types of screw-in products

When choosing your screwdriver/capper, the diversity of screw caps is a crucial aspect. This encompasses considerations such as dimensions, compositions (plastic, glass, cork, metal, etc.), types (lids, caps, closures, etc.), specifics (T-shaped, with pipette, pump, etc.), and container types (bottles, jars, flasks, etc.). It’s essential to choose a screwdriver that’s perfectly suited to your main product, while also taking into account its adaptability to other formats. CDA screwing solutions ensure a smooth transition between closures, maintaining the efficiency and precision of the process.


  • Packaging speed

Assessing the quantity of products to be screwed per minute, hour or day is imperative when choosing the ideal screwer. The machine’s speed is a determining factor, but it’s also crucial to consider the set-up time when changing cap format, and the consumables requiring maintenance downtime. CDA screwers, whether semi-automatic or automatic, can be adjusted to meet a wide range of output requirements, guaranteeing optimum efficiency.


  • Flexibility and adaptability

CDA screwing solutions seamlessly integrate the entire packaging process (filling, screwing and labeling), offering great flexibility to adapt to different closure formats and product types. These machines can also operate in tandem with other packaging equipment, forming complete lines and ensuring smooth synchronization between process stages.


  • Reliability and ease of maintenance

Reliability and ease of maintenance are essential criteria when choosing a screwdriver. CDA screwdrivers are distinguished by their robustness, durability and configuration, minimizing the need for consumables.


  • Customization options

Opt for a screwdriver offering customization options to precisely meet the specific needs of your product range. CDA’s highly adaptable screwers can be configured to unique specifications, ensuring seamless integration into your packaging line.


Careful consideration of these criteria will enable you to choose the ideal screw-cutting machine for your business. CDA’s flexible, adaptable solutions stand out for their performance, enhancing your packaging line.