When it comes to optimizing efficiency and safety in the use of packaging machinery, training and technical support play a central role. As a manufacturer of fillers, cappers, and labelers, CDA recognizes the importance of proper training to ensure the effective and secure utilization of its machines.


CDA USA Hotline: Ensuring Maximum Responsiveness

Beyond initial training, continuous technical support is crucial for resolving operational issues and ensuring swift follow-ups. CDA USA has established a hotline ready to intervene remotely, providing assistance with operational queries, specific adjustments, spare parts shipments, or triggering emergency interventions by our traveling technicians. Hotline members are trained to diagnose and efficiently resolve issues, not only minimizing downtime but also ensuring quality support for our clients.


Flexibility of Traveling Technicians for Personalized Assistance

Every client with one of our fillers, cappers, or labelers faces unique challenges and characteristics. That’s why CDA USA goes the extra mile by offering a team of traveling technicians ready to visit clients on-site. This qualified team is equipped to install and configure various packaging machines, resolve complex issues, provide personalized advice, upgrade filling, capping, and labeling machines, and perform preventive maintenance operations.

The presence of traveling technicians offers maximum flexibility to meet the specific requirements of each client. Whether for initial installations, upgrades, or specific adjustments, our traveling technicians are dedicated to ensuring the continuous performance of CDA equipment.


CDA: A Trusted Partner

In conclusion, training and technical support in the use of fillers, cappers, and labelers are essential. CDA USA, as a packaging machinery manufacturer, is committed to providing tailored and high-quality services, training, and technical support.

Investing in CDA equipment means investing in comprehensive expertise that goes beyond the mere acquisition of machinery. With CDS, comprising a team of stationary technicians (Hotline) and traveling technicians, we are ready to guide you toward effective, secure, and optimal utilization of our packaging machines.