CDA wishes you a wonderful year 2022!

2021 was an eventful year. Thanks to you, our partners, customers and employees, we have surpassed ourselves and accomplished many of the goals we set for ourselves. CDA thanks you and wish you all the best!


In 2021 CDA is :

140,535 parts manufactured
1093 frames cut, folded and welded
7000 m2 of workshop
5 new machine models
Participation in 9 trade shows
11 new hires


Towards industry 4.0 and beyond!

Our subsidiary CDU (Machining) has taken action by acquiring a new robot capable of working night and day to optimize the time and quality of our parts.
Industry 4.0 is a new way of organizing production resources using new technologies.
Get more information on Industry 4.0!


A new addition to the Viti family: The Lystop 4

In 2021, our engineers have designed the Lystop 4. It is an automatic labeler and seamer that can label and seal up to 3000 bottles/hour.
The Lystop 4 applies up to four labels (label, back label, collar and medal) on wine bottles while crimping metal and/or PVC caps. This system, as well as those for labeling, can be adjusted directly from the touch screen.
Discover the Lystop 4 product sheet !


CDA has celebrated its 30th anniversary!

In 30 years, we have been through a lot. All our efforts combined with the trust of our customers, partners and collaborators have brought us to this point and we are proud of it.
We would like to thank you for the journey we have made together. Without you, none of this would have been possible.


Let’s meet in 2022!

This year we had the pleasure to participate in several events in France and abroad, which allowed us to meet several of our customers and prospects.
You can find on our website the list of trade shows where you can meet us in 2022, in France, Germany, the United States and Europe. In case of change of program or cancellation of event, all information will be updated on our website.


If you want to know more about our machines and services, please contact us via the contact form. Our team will be delighted to exchange and why not to collaborate with you in 2022. Whether it is by videoconference on a trade show or in our offices in France, Germany and the USA.