CDA had a fantastic year in 2023, and we owe it all to you : our clients, partners, collaborators, and employees. We hope that it is the case for you too, and that you are having a very good time during these holidays.

To enjoy the festivities and the New Year to the fullest, let us all go back together on the best moments and key data of 2023 !



Here’s a snapshot of CDA’s achievements


  • 13 new employees, 2 interns, 32 trainees 
  • Participation in 22 trade shows
  • Production of 62.426 machined parts
  • 3.160 Quotations
  • 25.901 emails 
  • 2.210 phone calls SAV
  • 52K. views on YouTube 


An Expanded Range of Screwdriving Solutions


CDA’s VST, an all-stainless steel module for the automatic distribution and capping of headed caps, had an impressive performance. With a speed of up to 1800 caps per hour, this machine dispenses caps onto bottles after placing them in bulk in the elevator hopper. Ideal for the food and distillery industries, the VST stands out for its versatility, ease of operation, and adjustment, especially for capping force. It can be integrated with CDA’s linear fillers and automatic adhesive labelers.



A Significant Addition to the Filling Machine Family


The recently launched C-Pills by CDA is a semi-automatic capsule and coated tablet counter designed for the pharmaceutical, food, and animal sectors. Constructed with a durable design in polished mirror stainless steel, glass, and food-grade plastic (POM c), it ensures precise counting with a vibrating hopper, a glass rotating table, and a counting chute with laser curtain. With a counting capacity of 1000 capsules/tablets per minute, it offers maximum productivity and 99.99% accuracy. Easy to use with a touchscreen, it integrates seamlessly with screwdrivers and labelers for comprehensive product packaging.



A tip of the hat to our references !


CDA USA’s website was lacking something very important, its customers, it is to say our references in terms of partnership. We are actually in the process of building a display of quite a couple of them with their agreement of course. 

We want more transparency on what we are capable of, whether it is for bigger productions or smaller ones. Perhaps, it will give a better idea to you reading this, of what you need from CDA in your production line as well. You can expect an increase in the number of references on display for the New Year. In the meantime, we invite you to go to the page to see the ones already on display. 

CDA, with its machines combining versatility, precision, and reliability, has gained the trust of a diverse clientele, from small producers to major corporations. Our expertise in filling, capping, and labeling machines is the result of supporting numerous projects, and we will keep on doing that.



A presence at numerous Trade Shows


Supported by our sales team, we had the pleasure of meeting you at several trade shows this year (ADI Show in Las Vegas, ACSA Exhibit in Portland, Maple Syrup Conference in Sturbridge, and more…). 

In an iterative approach, we continued our efforts to enhance our internal processes, thanks to our teams of technicians and our after-sales service, ensuring the best quality for our clients.


In 2024, we are excited to participate in numerous trade shows such as : 


  • Cosmoprof Miami, which is a B2B beauty Trade Show (held from january 23rd to 25th)
  • Acsa, which is a Trade Show for craft spirits and experts in Packaging Solutions for Spirits, taking place in Denver (to be held in february from the 26th to the 28th).
  • Eastern Winery Expo, which is a big event for the wine industry (held from march 13th to 14th), in Syracuse, NY.
  • Natural Products Expo West, which is a food and natural products event, to be held in Anaheim (from march 14th to 16th).
  • Pack Expo East, which is a Packaging and Converting event to be held in Philadelphia (from march 18th to 19th).
  • Cosmoprof Las Vegas, which is America’s leading B2B Beauty Trade Show (from july 23rd to 25th).
  • SUPERZOO, which is the largest Pet Retail event in North America, to be held in Las Vegas (from august 14th to 16th).
  • ADI Show, which is a global benchmark event for craft distilling, to be held in Baltimore (from august 27th to 28th)
  • Parc Expo International, which is the world’s largest Packaging Trade Show, to be held in Chicago (from november 3rd to 6th).


In case of program modifications or event cancellations, all information will be updated on our website.



Expansion into New Collaborations


CDA has ventured into various partnerships, fostering the professional and values-based development of the company. These partnerships include : 


  • ANBA, Adult NA Beverage Association promotes and supports members for widespread availability of non-alcoholic adult beverages in social settings. Core mission : advance, safeguard, and enhance the sector through cohesive representation from production to market.
  • NLGI, founded in 1933 as the National Association of Lubricating Grease Manufacturers, is a global institute representing companies in 31 countries. It’s a non-profit trade association owning a technical journal with over 2,000 readers worldwide. NLGI focuses on lubricating greases, with membership at the company level, spanning manufacturers, equipment providers, and consumers. A small reminder that CDA USA will join NLGI in San Antonio, TX, on June 10-13, 2024.
  • ADS, founded in 1926, represents manufacturers of salad dressing, mayonnaise, and condiment sauces, along with suppliers of raw materials and equipment. It aims to serve the best interests of industry members, customers, and consumers. A small reminder that CDA USA will participate in the Association for Dressings & Sauces event in St. Louis, MO, on May 5-7, 2024.
  • NAA, promotes the safety, recyclability, and ergonomic design of aerosol packaging. As a representative body for the aerosol industry, it addresses regulatory issues in the U.S. and Canada. Keeping pace with industry trends and regulations, NAA collaborates with associations like CCSPA and the British Aerosol Manufacturing Association. A small reminder that CDA USA will join NAA in Nashville, TN, on April 8-10, 2024.
  • NAMSC, a nonprofit organization, unites industry leaders, researchers, and affiliated groups to enhance the maple syrup industry. A small reminder that CDA USA will join the North American Maple Syrup Council in Portland, ME, on October 21-24, 2024.
  • The American Peanut Shellers Association (APSA), advocates for individuals in the peanut shelling industry, fostering collaboration among commercial shellers, crushers, and affiliated businesses. CDA USA will participate in APSA events on June 10-13, 2024, in Amelia Island, FL, and July 9-11, 2024, in Oklahoma City, OK.
  • The National Candle Association (NCA), is the unified voice of the U.S. candle manufacturers and suppliers, advocating for safety, industry issues, and overall progress since its establishment in 1974. CDA USA has become a part of NCA activities, collaborating on trade, safety, technical, and regulatory matters affecting the candle industry.
  • The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that focuses on holistic integration and education of aromatherapy. It serves diverse groups, providing current, scientific information on aromatherapy and essential oils to the public, practitioners, businesses, educators, and healthcare professionals.



With 30 years of expertise, at CDA, we excel in manufacturing packaging machines, having sold over 10,000 machines worldwide. Our extensive range of devices caters to the needs of operators, whether in large or small-scale productions, in diverse environments and sectors such as brewing, viticulture, e-liquid, chemistry, and cosmetics.

In 2023, joining CDA provides you access to robust tools, offering an excellent quality-to-price ratio and user-friendly operation. By choosing CDA for your business, you entrust your products to machines that package over a billion products annually.

To learn more about our complete range of machines and services, feel free to contact us through the dedicated form. Our team will be delighted to discuss and collaborate with you in 2024. You can visit us directly at our facilities or at trade shows in France, Germany, and/or the USA. We can also arrange video conferences if no other option is feasible.



Once again CDA gives you the best wishes for the New Year !