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Labelers and crimpers for the wine & spirits sector

Even though the packaging needs of winegrowers and distillers are similar, there are also many special features to consider when choosing an automatic and semi-automatic labeling or sealing machine. CDA has understood these needs by dedicating part of its range to the labeling and crimping of still or sparkling wine bottles. Small estate, trading house and cooperative cellar will find at CDA the packaging know-how adapted to their activity.

Self-adhesive labeling machines for wine and spirits bottles

As a French manufacturer of semi-automatic and automatic labelers and crimpers, CDA has constantly supported the winegrowers’ projects, no matter the size of the bottle, their region (Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Alsace, Côte du Rhône, Clavelin, Champagne) and the capacity (Bottle 0.75 cl and 1 litre, Magnum, Double Magnum, Jeroboam, Imperial etc.)

Wine industry being the company’s historical sector, CDA has more than 4000 customers in the wine industry and offers machines perfectly adapted to the needs of this sector: the labeling and setting of still and sparkling wine bottles.

Our wide range of machines allows us to find THE solution to the packaging needs of each winegrower. Each CDA labeller and crimper meets two demanding criteria: precision of application and excellent quality/price ratio.

CDA semi-automatic labeling machines for wine bottles

Precise application of a single self-adhesive label or more on your bottles of wine or other spirits / alcohol products (Rum, Pastis, Armagnac, Cognac, Gin, Vodka, Wisky, etc.). Each CDA semi-automatic labeler guarantees you precise and fast dispensing (up to 1000 bottles per hour) of your small productions. It can be adapted to all cylindrical formats and all capacities (wine bottles 50 cl, 75 cl, 1 litre, 1.5 litres, magnum).

CDA automatic labeling machines for wine bottles

A CDA automatic wine bottles labeler will meet several key criteria: application accuracy of up to 4 labels per bottle, speed of production (800 to 2500 bottles per hour depending on format and machine), ease of use / maintenance and excellent quality/price ratio. Each CDA’s automatic labeling machine can be adapted to all types of wine bottles (Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Côte du Rhône, Clavelin) or all types of spirit bottles.

Complementary solutions for wine bottles

Adding a loading / unloading table, extending conveyors, packaging your pallets or cartons, CDA offers you a whole range of complementary solutions allowing each manufacturer to optimize the packaging of its products.

CDA's response to the sector's challenges

FAQ on CDA Packaging Solutions for the Wine Industry


Why choose CDA packaging solutions for my small vineyard?

Small vineyards benefit from CDA packaging solutions, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the wine industry. From label application to labeling, our equipment seamlessly integrates into your production line, ensuring the quality and aesthetics of your wine bottles.


How can CDA solutions optimize bottle packaging for cooperative cellars and vineyards?

Cooperative cellars and vineyards can take advantage of the flexibility offered by our solutions, tailored to bottle packaging. Whether it’s for applying caps, capsules, or labels, our equipment ensures optimal management of your production line, preserving the quality of your vintages.


How are CDA machines suitable for post-harvest bottle packaging for Large Estates or Negotiating Houses?

Large Estates or Negotiating Houses benefit from the efficiency of CDA machines for post-harvest bottle packaging. Our equipment, integrating label deposition and application, is designed to optimize the production line, ensuring smooth management of wine bottles on a large scale.


What are the benefits of CDA label applicators for small vineyards?

Small vineyards can take advantage of the versatility of CDA label applicators, suitable for different wine blends. This allows for precise and aesthetic label application, enhancing the visual quality of your products and contributing to a professional presentation in the wine market.


How does CDA ensure bottle capping quality for cooperative cellars and vineyards?

CDA ensures the quality of bottle capping for cooperative cellars and vineyards. Our machines are designed to guarantee precise cap application, preserving the integrity of your wine bottles while meeting the high standards of the wine industry.


How do CDA packaging solutions meet the varied needs of Large Estates or Negotiating Houses in the wine sector?

CDA packaging solutions adapt to the varied needs of Large Estates or Negotiating Houses in the wine sector, offering maximum flexibility. Whether producing different blends or having specific requirements, our equipment ensures total adaptability to your packaging needs.


How can CDA packaging monoblocks optimize efficiency in the wine production chain for Large Estates or Negotiating Houses?

Our packaging monoblocks are designed to optimize efficiency in the wine production chain for Large Estates or Negotiating Houses. From label deposition to final application, our expertise contributes to the continuous success of your wine bottles by ensuring optimal management and professional presentation.

Labelers and crimpers for the wine & spirits sector

Labelers and crimpers for the wine & spirits sector

Labelers and crimpers for the wine & spirits sector

Custom-made filling, labeling and packing line

Whatever your business sector or product, CDA provides the experience of its engineering design office to conceive and design your customized machine to match your requirements and constraints, regardless of whether you require a filling, labeling or integral solution

Feed systems (rotary tables, modular conveyor belts, etc.), Conveyor systems, Dosing / filling systems, Capping systems, Labeling systems, End-of-line systems (accumulation, case packing, film-wrapping and palletizing), Marking systems.



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