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Lea Automatic crimper and labeler for wine bottles, up to 4 labels

The CDA’s Lea is an automatic crimping and labeling machine designed for wine bottles. This labeling machine can apply up to four labels on wine bottles, including :

  • a main label,
  • a back label,
  • a collar,
  • and a medal.

Additionally, The Lea enables the automatic distribution and crimping of capsules (metallic and/or PVC, with a diameter of 30mm and a length ranging from 30 to 55mm).

The Lea utilizes a multi-format selection screw (suited for diameters ranging from 1/2 to Magnum) to ensure the pacing (creation of a regular spacing between the bottles). This machine also employs multi-format automatic centering devices (enabling the centering and retention of bottles on the conveyor during, for instance, capsule distribution). These elements allow Lea to adapt (without additional equipment) to both small and large bottles, which is one of its key strengths. This labeling machine has a throughput that can reach up to 2000 bottles per hour.

The labeling machine Lea can seamlessly integrate into a bottling line, ensuring reliable and continuous operation. However, it can also be used independently. Other labelers have been specifically designed for wine bottle packaging, offering various throughputs and functionalities more or less advanced).

Visit the Wine Range section to discover them! For instance, the Lystop S is the preferred model if you seek a higher throughput (up to 2500 bottles/hour).

For more information about the automatic labeling machine Lea, feel free to get in touch with our team through the form on our website. You can also reach us by phone at 804.918.3707 or via email at

Lastly, explore all of our CDA’s labelers in video format on our YouTube channel.

Container shapes



  • Metal or PVC capsules (2 crimping heads with 8 rollers or thermal heads)
  • Accurate and efficient labeling (3-point technique)
  • Intuitive operation and easy to adjust


  • Labeling rate
    Up to 2000 bottles/hour
  • Machine control
    Via user-friendly touchscreen
  • Labeling
    Up to 4 labels
  • Structure
    Stainless steel and Aluminium

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