CDA, a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery, has recently forged a strategic alliance with EHEDG. This collaboration holds the promise of delivering significant advantages in terms of hygiene and food safety for CDA’s equipment.

EHEDG, known as the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group, stands as the gold standard for hygienic design and engineering. Founded with the mission of becoming the foremost authority in this domain, EHEDG is dedicated to enhancing global food safety and quality.


Shared Goals

CDA aims to leverage EHEDG’s expertise to elevate the hygiene standards of its packaging machines, particularly its filling equipment, thereby enhancing food safety and product quality.


Advantages of Partnership

As a member, CDA pledges to integrate EHEDG’s recommended hygienic design and engineering practices into its packaging solutions. This advancement in food safety will directly benefit CDA’s clientele.


Future Outlook

The partnership between CDA and EHEDG heralds a new era of progress and innovation in the food packaging sector. By collaborating closely with EHEDG, CDA strives to lead the industry in hygienic design and engineering.

This collaboration provides an opportunity to intensify research and development efforts. It enables the exploration of novel methodologies, testing of cutting-edge technologies, and expansion of horizons to develop even more hygienic and efficient packaging solutions.


Simultaneously, CDA remains committed to pursuing sustainability initiatives. The incorporation of environmentally-friendly solutions, recyclable materials, and eco-conscious practices into the design process aligns hygiene goals with growing concerns for social and environmental responsibility.

In essence, the partnership between CDA and EHEDG underscores an enduring dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, shaping a future where hygiene and food quality stand as the pillars of the packaging industry.