We are excited to begin 2023 with you.
The CDA USA business has grown again this year, including:

  • the production of 1000 chassis
  • the machining of 80,000 parts
  • participation in 10 trade shows
  • the hiring of 2 additional people
  • moving to a larger building at 7500 Ranco Road

A big thank you to all our employees, customers, partners and collaborators.


The range of capping machines has been strengthened


The VS 2000 and the Distri Cap have been added to our screwing solutions in this year 2022. These packaging machines allow the automatic distribution and/or screwing of capsules onto the products. They both allow the automatic orientation and feeding of the caps on the containers. The VS 2000 also allows the screwing of caps on the products.


The monobloc range welcomes a new packaging machine


In 2022 CDA USA designed the E-FILL SW pipette. Allowing the filling, screwing and labeling of products, this monobloc can be used in full automatic mode (all the packaging operations are automated) or in switch mode (does not allow the automatic removal of caps, but allows a time saving in the packaging of small series). The big change of this monobloc is that it brings a perennial packaging solution for pipette caps.


The arrival of CDA USA in new sectors of activity


CDA USA has entered a new and large business area this year: CBD. We strongly believe in this field because it has a wide range of diversified products: ointment, cream, oil, e-liquid… Our machines are capable of packaging the different products of this sector regardless of the format of the container. Moreover, we have participated in many CBD fairs worldwide and will return in 2023!

Thanks to a team that listens to you, CDA USA was present, by your side and on the shows to guarantee the best quality for our customers.


In 2023, we will participate in many shows such as :


  • ACSA – Portland 2023 (February 10-12, 2023)
  • Champs – Las Vegas (February 8-11, 2023)
  • Natural Product Expo West – Anaheim, CA (March 7-11, 2023)
  • ADI Show 2023 – Las Vegas, NV (August 23-24, 2023)
  • Natural Product Expo East – Philadelphia, PA (September 20-23)
  • SuperZoo – Las Vegas, NV (August 16-18, 2023)
  • MJBizCon – Las Vegas, NV (November 29 – December 1, 2023)

In case of program changes or event cancellations, all information will be updated on our website.
CDA has been an expert in the manufacture of packaging equipment for 30 years and has sold over 10,000 units worldwide. Small or large production, you will be satisfied by the company’s proposals since it has a diversified range of machines that will seduce any operator. Our labeling, filling, screwing and capping machines are adapted to all fields of activity such as brewing, wine making, e-liquids, chemistry and cosmetics.
Easy to use, our machines are robust and have an excellent quality/price ratio. When you entrust your business to CDA, your products are in good hands because our machines pack more than a billion products a year.
You can learn more about all our machines and services by contacting us via the contact form. We invite you to visit our sites and the trade shows we attend. Our team looks forward to sharing information and working with you in 2023.
Happy New Year 2023!