Since 1991, CDA designs and builds packaging machines for its clients from all around the world and many industries such as paint, chemical, cosmetics, e-liquid, food industries

CDA opened up to the world setting up in the USA in 2012. At CDA,  ingeneers, automation engineers, fitters, adjusters and technicians work together to offer you the best packaging solutions to pack your products…but did you know CDA means also the perfect control of its manufacturing line from A to Z ?





Since many years, we’ve made the choice of independence by getting our own factory to manufacture parts of our machines. CDU was born, the factory  where first parts of our machines take shape.

First of all : we are able to work with our own network, totally independent in order to get short manufacturing time on our machines.

Our Factory team is immediatly informed of the need and engages manufacturing of the parts or subassamblies.





We guarantee a maximum reactivity faced with adaptability needs that we or our clients may have to deal with.

When a client has a packaging line in which we have to add our labeler or filling machines, we are in position to suggest adaptation of our standards models (longer conveyor, higher machine…).


Zero planned obsolescence




We control the quality of each parts that make up you machine. That’s how we guarantee reliable and solid machines to accompany your business many years along. Even if you miss any wearing parts, we are in position to produce it for you.

Confident in durability of our labelers and filling machines, we even provide a part-exchange service. For those who’s production or rates may increase, CDA designs a new labeler or filling machine that fits your needs meanwhile we make you an offer in part-exchange for your old CDA machine that will be reconditionned to fits needs of another client.

You’ve now understood our belief in “Zero planned obsolescence” when we control all the secrets and we produce the parts of our solid, reliable and evolving machines. Our power is undoubtedly in skills internalisation, from client service to engineering and manufacturing parts of our machines.



What is CDU by the way ?



Since 2016, manufacturing of parts of our machines is made by our factory CDU. Located next to CDA (barely a few steps), CDU is in charge of each stage needed in manufacturing our stainless steel parts : cutting, deburring, sawing, welding, machining… following all the time our rigorous quality procedure.



Our engineers team is permanently in touch with our factory team to adjust each machine to our client’s technical constraints. Every day, tens of parts are delivered by CDU to be pre-assembled and then assembled before becoming a machine.


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