White label expo – Las vegas, NV

The White Label World Expo in Las Vegas will cover nearly all of the retail, ecommerce, and selling/supplying industries. It’s setting itself as the forefront of educating and showcasing organizations and businesses at the heart of ecommerce, retail, and environmentally sustainable innovations to take entrepreneurship to the next level.
In order to light its packaging machines up, the CDA USA team will be on this tradeshow a part of its filler and labeller range, designed to meet the needs of many business sectors : food industry, distillery, natural products, paint, e-liquid, chemicals, etc.


CDA USA’s solutions on White label expo

  • The CDA E-Fill : first machine of our range of monobloc, the E-Fill is an all-in-one machine that fills, caps, and labels bottles and other containers from 5mL to 1L (32 oz). Ideal for e-liquids, the E-Fill is also perfect for cosmetics or food processing products. This packaging line can apply up to 2 labels and achieve a filling rate of up to 25 products per minute.


  • The CDA K-Net. Our semi-automatic filling machine helps you to dose and fill any type of liquid product ; fluid, viscous or pasty. Perfect for your small or medium production, the K-Net has been designed to fit various sectors such as chemistry or food processing. Depending on the product you are conditioning on and the container you are using, you can reach a rhythm of 600 vials / hour with the K-Net.


  • The CDA Ninon Mix. This linear automatic labeller allows the labelling on sides and tops of many kinds of products without any material change. This CDA machine can apply up to 5 labels with a capacity of up to 60 products / minute. It depends on the packaging you choose for your product.