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Ninette 2 - Semi-automatic labeler - Catoctin Creek Distillery - CDA USA

Catoctin Creek Distillery - Ninette 2 - Semi-automatic labeler for cylindrical products

Catoctin Creek Distilling Company is a craft distillery based in Purcellville, Virginia, known for producing award-winning spirits using locally sourced ingredients. Founded in 2009 by Becky and Scott Harris, Catoctin Creek was the first legal distillery in Loudoun County since Prohibition. They are dedicated to the tradition of Virginia rye whisky, which has its roots dating back to George Washington’s distillery at Mount Vernon. The company’s name “Catoctin” refers to the Catoctin Mountain range and creek near their distillery.

Their flagship product, Roundstone Rye, is a 100% rye whisky honoring early Virginia production methods circa 1790. It has won numerous international awards, including double gold and gold medals. They also propose a Roundstone Rye Distiller’s Edition, which is a single barrel, higher-proof (92%) version of their Roundstone Rye, made from a selection of 10% of their best aging barrels. They also produce brandies distilled from locally sourced fruits like apple, pear, and cherry. Their gin lineup includes Mosby’s Spirit Distilled Gin and Wildcat Gin. And so on.

Product focus

When it comes to their products, they source grains and fruits locally, free of pesticides and chemical additives. The distillate is cooked for 9 hours, more than twice as long as most distilleries, to create unique flavors. Spirits are aged in small 30-gallon barrels to impart robust oak flavors. Furthermore, all products are non-chill filtered and use natural colors.

In summary, Catoctin Creek is a renowned Virginia craft distillery specializing in award-winning rye whiskies like their Roundstone Rye, as well as brandies and gins, all produced using traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients.

Having such a diversified range of specialties, they have decided to use one of our machines when it comes to efficiently packaging and more specifically the labeling process. The company has decided to use, the Ninette 2, which is a semi-automatic labeler for all cylindrical products.

Catoctin Creek Distillery

Ninette 2

Labeling machine applying 2 labels on cylindrical containers

  • Packages all cylindrical products with 2 pressure sensitive labels
  • Ease of use (touchscreen)
  • Excellent value
  • Up to 2 labels


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