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Automatic screw capping VS 1000 Encased automatic capper suitable for most caps | VS 1000

The VS 1000 is an independent, full-size automatic screwing machine from CDA.

It is manufactured to meet the needs of various industries such as food, cosmetics, chemical, paint, cleaning products, and more.

This high-quality automatic capper is designed to fit all types of containers, ranging from 20 cl to 5 liters, to automatically cap vials, cans, bottles, and other types of containers.

Equipped with a screwing system operated by two electric screwers, the VS 1000 is equipped with a detection cell that ensures the presence of the cap, as well as an easy adjustment system for the coupling of the screwings. As an option, a driving module can be integrated downstream, directly on the conveyor.

The VS 1000 is compatible with CDA automatic filling machines, such as the K-NET AUTO (output up to 1,200 vials per hour) and the K-LINE S (output up to 3,000 liters per hour). It is also compatible with CDA automatic labeling machines. This enclosed automatic screwing machine is designed to meet the highest requirements of reliability, quality, and safety.

Finally, be sure to check out our YouTube channel, where you can see all of our screw-driving machines in action and learn more about our product offerings. The VS 1000 is an automatic capping machine offering a complete solution for all your screwing and capping needs.

Formes des bouchons / capsules

Flacon Brume
Flacon savon main
Petit Bidon


  • Screws a wide range of closures
  • Cap presence detection cell and easy adjustment
  • Machine encased in accordance with CE standards

Custom-made filling, labeling and packing line

Whatever your business sector or product, CDA provides the experience of its engineering design office to conceive and design your customized machine to match your requirements and constraints, regardless of whether you require a filling, labeling or integral solution

Feed systems (rotary tables, modular conveyor belts, etc.), Conveyor systems, Dosing / filling systems, Capping systems, Labeling systems, End-of-line systems (accumulation, case packing, film-wrapping and palletizing), Marking systems.



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