In constant search for improvements for its machines, CDA relies on passionate R&D engineers who are always on the lookout for new challenges to develop solutions that will simplify our customers’ daily lives.

In the 2018 new series, we present you the last improvement the automatic bottle unscrambler with feed hopper !



More capacity and more formats for the new bottles unscrambler!



With a capacity increased to 200L, this feeder can now be used with more bottles and support more formats to feed a labeler, a filler or a monobloc as the E-Fill.


You just need to throw in bulk the bottles, the feed is automatic.


The bottles unscrambler new version is also multi-format!



It can feed your 10, 30, 60, 100 and 120ml containers with a simple star and tool change. An evolution for an easier operation if you have different formats to pack.


With a feed rate of up to 50 products per minute, you will gain productivity throughout your entire packing line.




The famous Chubby bottles that are well known in the e-liquid world can fit with the bottles unscrambler with feed hopper but you can also use other e-liquid vials.




Convert your E-Fill into a multi-format packing line.