At CDA, we are committed to being innovative. Searching, creating, developing, trying, and improving are words we put into practice every day. Continuous innovation is a means for us to offer high-quality packaging solutions that closely meet the needs of our customers.


Our Commitment to Innovation


Since our inception, innovation has always been at the heart of our strategy. We strive to constantly develop new solutions, in addition to creating machines; we continuously seek to improve them, whether in the filling, capping, or labeling sectors. Our research and development team works daily to identify emerging trends to design innovative solutions.


Examples of Product Improvements


  1. Enhanced Precision

One of the major challenges in the packaging industry is ensuring the accuracy of product filling. To address this challenge, we have developed dosing technology that offers excellent precision, even for viscous products. This technology allows our customers to precisely fill their products, reducing losses and increasing the efficiency of their production line. Additionally, our automatic labeler Ninon Tapered ensures labeling precision through its innovative system that adapts to different product formats and tapers.


  1. Optimization of Machine Ergonomics

We recognize the importance of health and safety in the workplace. That’s why we have designed ergonomic packaging machines that reduce operator fatigue. With features such as intuitive user interfaces, reduced sound levels, and ergonomic adjustments, our machines provide a more comfortable and safer working experience for operators, while also improving the overall productivity of the line.


  1. Integration of Tracking and Predictive Maintenance Technology

In an increasingly connected world, we have invested in a tracking system (UBLEAM) for our filling, capping, and labeling machines. With this system, our customers have access to numerous digitized documents (parts lists, user manuals, consumables lists), allowing for better machine utilization and anticipation of maintenance needs. This approach results in reduced unplanned downtime, maintenance costs, and increased equipment lifespan.


At CDA, innovation is more than just a goal; it’s a philosophy, a driving force. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by developing effective packaging solutions that meet the evolving requirements of the industry.