In a constantly changing world, businesses face significant challenges stemming from market fluctuations, diversification of customer needs, and constant regulatory changes. In this dynamic context, adaptability becomes a crucial factor for their success.


CDA, a French manufacturer specializing in filling, capping, and labeling machines, is fully aware of these challenges. Since its inception, CDA’s commitment has always been to provide innovative and scalable solutions to meet the changing needs of its customers.


Flexibility is a key element of CDA’s approach. Whether for its semi-automatic or automatic machines, CDA’s fillers, cappers, and labelers are designed to easily adapt to a wide range of products, caps, and formats. This versatility enables its customers to react effectively and proactively to changes in their market.


Several elements contribute to this flexibility, including:

  • Pneumatic cylinders: they regulate the flow of products to ensure precise spacing between each item, offering great flexibility of use.
  • Symmetrical centering devices: they adapt to a wide variety of product shapes and formats, making them easy to use.
  • Belt capping: this method allows for the precise sealing of various types of caps, providing great adaptability.
  • Automatic centering devices: they facilitate the transition from one format to another without the need for adjustments or tool changes.


Here are some concrete examples of the flexibility of our packaging machines:

  • The VSA, an independent capping machine, can operate autonomously or be integrated into various CDA machines, offering great versatility.
  • The Ninon Mix, a versatile automatic labeler, can be equipped with cylindrical or conical labeling stations, making it easy to use on different types of products.


In conclusion, CDA’s filling, capping, and labeling machines represent a flexible solution. Their ability to quickly adapt to market changes and customer needs makes them an essential tool for businesses looking to remain competitive in a challenging environment.