In today’s world, it is essential for businesses to adapt to new trends to remain attractive. One solution to meet this requirement is the use of flexible tools and processes.

At CDA, we support our clients in this endeavor by providing versatile filling, capping, labeling, and monobloc machines that can adapt to the changing needs of businesses.


The Latest Trends in Packaging


Customization of Packaging Today, many consumers seek products that stand out and offer unique experiences. Customization allows brands to meet this demand. This is why an increasing number of companies are implementing solutions to quickly and efficiently personalize their products. Limited editions, seasonal products, capsule collections, and more have never been more popular with consumers!


Sustainability Another strong trend is “eco-friendly packaging,” driven by increased awareness of environmental issues. This includes several elements:

  • The use of recyclable materials (for the container, cap, label, and product itself).
  • Reducing the overall carbon footprint of the company (including production and packaging processes). The demand for durable machines pushes manufacturers to rethink design (eco-design), production processes, and procurement to integrate more environmentally friendly practices.


Efficiency and Speed The primary concern for businesses remains performance, and filling, capping, and labeling machines are no exception. Packaging speed is crucial, as is the quality of the operations performed. Dosage accuracy, label alignment, marking quality, and many other parameters are carefully monitored.


Versatility Machines must be able to quickly adapt to different types of containers (formats, liquids, caps, labels, etc.), allowing for a smooth transition between different products of the same brand. Some packaging machines offer high speed but require hours of adjustments and numerous mechanical changes to switch from one format to another. These downtimes weigh heavily on the organization of the company and significantly reduce the number of packaged products by the end of the day. The versatility of filling, capping, or labeling machines is therefore essential for companies producing a diverse range of products. It is also crucial for brands that need to adjust their production based on market trends, seasons, and customer demands.


The Flexibility of CDA Filling Machines


At CDA, we have integrated these trends into the design of our packaging machines, particularly our filling machines. Here’s how our machines can help your business stay competitive:


Adaptability to Various Products and Formats Our filling machines are designed to adapt to a wide range of products, whether liquids or viscous substances. This allows companies to diversify their product range without requiring additional investments in equipment. Our fillers can handle different types of containers, including bottles, vials, jars, and tubes, ensuring great flexibility. Many elements of our machines are “multi-format,” and others can be modified through simple adjustments.


Advanced Technology We use the latest technologies to ensure precision and efficiency for our clients. Our semi-automatic and automatic filling systems can support different dosing systems. Depending on our clients’ products, our workshop can equip the filler with a peristaltic pump or a flow meter, for example. We offer free testing of your products to determine which system best suits your entire range. Several factors need to be considered: desired speed, dosage accuracy, etc. Additionally, CDA has an R&D (Research and Development) team that constantly monitors new technologies and materials. Through specialized press or visits to professional trade shows, this team continually seeks to improve the performance and design of our packaging machines, ensuring our fillers benefit from continuous improvements.


Customized Solutions We work closely with our clients to produce custom fillers that meet their specific needs. A multitude of options can be added to optimize the use of the machine and ensure perfect adaptation to the intended application. For example, a specific height, a different conveyor width, or a container feeding system can be requested. Enclosures, marking, and control systems can also be added. In summary, we strive to find solutions to your challenges: with the support of thousands of projects, we have realized that each request is unique and requires a tailored response.


To learn more about our filling, capping, and labeling solutions, visit our website or contact our team today.