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AquaPhoenix Scientific - VS2000 - CDA USA

VS2000 - AquaPhoenix Scientific | Encased automatic feeding and capping machine

AquaPhoenix Scientific is a company that specializes in manufacturing innovative products and services for industrial water quality testing, chemical feed, and control equipment. They are a one-stop source for analytical testing products and supplies, aiming to simplify the testing process for their customers.

The company takes pride in offering custom manufacturing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. AquaPhoenix Scientific’s product range includes water quality test kits, reagents, feed and control equipment, as well as custom education kits. They are committed to providing high-quality and reliable products to support various industries, including petroleum, gas, and oil.

Product focus

AquaPhoenix Scientific offers a comprehensive range of products and services related to water quality testing and treatment. Their offerings include water quality test kits, reagents, chemical feed and control equipment, and custom education kits designed for industrial applications. The company’s expertise lies in custom manufacturing, allowing them to develop tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of their clients across various industries, such as petroleum, gas, and oil.

In order to fulfil very specific requirements as well in terms of packaging, they have been using one of our machine. CDA’s VS2000, which is an automatic capper suitable for all caps. It is thus, very versatile and can fit their customers’ criteria. It is encased as well and removes if necessary, caps from containers.

AquaPhoenix Scientific

Automatic capping machine VS 2000

Encased automatic capping machine for caps placement and closing | VS 2000

  • Automatic cap feeding directly on the container
  • Enclosed automatic capping machine
  • Machine suitable for capping a wide range of caps
  • Available in three sizes of stainless steel conveyors


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