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Aidance Scientific Inc - VSA - CDA USA

VSA - Aidance Scientific Inc | Independent capper suitable for all types of corks

Aidance Scientific specializes in developing and manufacturing therapeutic, non-prescription skincare solutions. They make these solutions with natural, chemical-free ingredients. Moreover, they are the makers of terrasil® and Myco-Clinic, two of their flagship product lines. Aidance Scientific never tests their products on animals, and physicians endorse their products.

What you need to know, is that the company exists with the goal of providing effective and safe skincare solutions for various skin conditions. Additionally, they formulate their products using a proprietary technology called Activated Minerals®, designed to speed up the delivery of active ingredients for faster relief. Furthermore, the group takes pride in their generous 90-day money-back guarantee policy. And guess what, less than 3% of customers worldwide have chosen to return their products over a 7-year period.

Product focus

Aidance Scientific offers a range of non-prescription skincare products. Thus, they make these products with natural, chemical-free ingredients and never test them on animals. Furthermore, even physicians endorse their products. Some of their popular offerings include the terrasil® Calendula Cleansing Bar, which is infused with Activated Minerals® to help gently clean and moisturize dry skin. Another one would be, the terraBOOST ProSkin Gummy Vitamins for example. Certainly, the company is indeed committed to providing effective and safe skincare solutions, backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee on top of that.

Transitioning to our role, we participate in their packaging process with our own manufactured machine. More specifically, the CDA machine the group is currently using, as in the VSA, is an automatic capper that can operate independently. This versatile capper can adapt to any kind of cap, including threaded, ridged, hinged, and gun caps.


Aidance Scientific Inc

Independent capping machine VSA

Stand-alone capper suitable for all types of corks | VSA

  • Equipped with an intuitive touchscreen
  • Can be integrated upstream or downstream of various CDA machines
  • A multitude of configurations (capping system)
  • The module can adapt to all types of caps


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