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K-Net Auto - Automatic filler - Sunny in Denbigh - CDA USA

Sunny in Denbigh - K-Net Auto - Automatic filling machine

Sunny in Denbigh welcomes you to a world where you can finally love your hair and skin. Specializing in natural hair and skincare solutions, Sunny in Denbigh addresses multiple concerns. Such as alopecia, eczema, and moisture retention. As a result, their products are carefully crafted using naturally sourced herbs, butters, and cold-pressed oils. Thus, ensuring quality and effectiveness without harsh chemicals. Founded by a working mother who understood the struggles of caring for her daughters’ hair type, Sunny in Denbigh knows what you need. That is why, it is dedicated to providing authentic and natural products that actually work. With thousands of testimonials praising their products over the years, Sunny in Denbigh is confident. They believe they have the solutions you have been looking for.

Product focus

Sunny in Denbigh started around 2010. When a frustrated working mom sought better hair care options for her daughters. Their natural hair had become dry and damaged, leading to dreaded wash days. On top of, a lack of love for their natural hair as well. Determined to make a change, Sunny in Denbigh emerged from a desire to improve hair health without compromising on quality or authenticity. They ensure their products are free from preservatives, alcohol, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients. Thus, ensuring a gentle and effective hair care experience. As a family-owned and operated business, Sunny in Denbigh takes pride in delivering high-quality goods. And accordingly, experiences to their valued customers, committing to celebrating and embracing natural hair textures and curl patterns.

The group employs the K-Net Auto machine, manufactured by CDA. This automatic filler is a common choice for liquid and viscous products. Hence why, it turns into an excellent option for packaging haircare products, like Sunny in Denbigh, who owns one.

Sunny in Denbigh

K-Net Auto

Automatic filling and screw-capping machine for liquid and viscous products | K-net auto

  • compliant for all types of liquids
  • Fits perfectly into a packaging line
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Up to 1200 bottles/hour


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