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Ninon Mix - Automatic labeler - Sulu Organics - CDA USA

Sulu Organics - Ninon Mix - Automatic labeler

Sulu Organics is a productor of Organic products, such as carrier oils, butters, essential oils, natural waxes and soap bases. They started their journey with soap bases, and are now famous as wholesalers. The true objective of the company is to have customers not only like but love their creations, just as much as they do. Their work is about self care, especially for the customers looking for an everlasting effect. It is to say, a routine with long-term results instead of a one time thing.

In the end, they promote a healthy lifestyle, by being respectful of their environment, and using natural organic products. Furthermore, they offer what they think is the best for the World and their dear customers.

Product focus

Sulu Organics stands for the values of non-genetically modified organisms. They are proud of their pure and natural products of the highest quality. All products are put through a thorough examination as they make sure these products remain at the highest standards.

Our collaboration was well thought out, with the purchase and the use of the Ninon mix machine. Due to the different types of formats they are working with, this labeler is perfectly adapted to efficient and rapid paces by doing side and top labeling in one go. It is the perfect addiction and tool for a company’s production line with quite the panel of products.

Sulu Organics

Ninon Mix

Automatic labeling machine to label square, cylindrical, oval and tapered products

  • Labeling of square, cylindrical, oval and tapered products on the same machine (quick change)
  • Up to 5 labeling stations on a single machine
  • Stores 50 product labeling positions in its memory
  • Versatile


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