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Ninon 1500 - Automatic labeler - Cloister Honey

Cloister Honey - Ninon 1500 - Automatic labeler

Cloister Honey focuses on creating pure, raw honey with their own bees. The couple who created the company, have multiple bee hives and tend to experiment a lot with their recipes in their own kitchen. Spices, styles, textures and infusions. They have been receiving Top Awards, and extend partnerships to retailers like Whole Foods, Bloomingdales and so on. They also attend Food markets and Tradeshows quite often, sharing a lot with their customers .

By working in harmony with their bees’ natural environment, the couple brings natural golden treasures to their customers, as well as fun mouthwatering blendings.

Product focus

Cloister Honey proposes different variations of the honey they make, rendering you addicted to either their, whipped honey, infused honey, traditional honey, or gourmet honey spreads. They also prepare special packages for gifts or something unique such as honey straws or tea stirrer for your tea time.

Through their partnership with CDA, they have been using the Ninon 1500, which is an automatic labeler specialized in medium or large production runs by using a timing system, ensuring a fast-paced and efficient labeling.

Cloister Honey

Ninon 1500/2500

Linear labelling machine to apply up to 4 pressure sensitive labels per container

  • Broad range of labeling applications and various sizes of cylindrical containers
  • Accurate and efficient labeling (3-point technique)
  • Up to 60 products/minute
  • Up to 4 labels


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