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Ninon 2500 - Automatic labeler - Texas Coffee Company

Texas Coffee Company - Ninon 2500 - Automatic labeler

Texas Coffee Company, also known as the manufacturers of both TexJoy or SeaPort Coffee, is a group that began its history in 1921. Each brand is targetting different types of coffee drinkers. Notably, one thing people will notice immediately, is that they sell 100% Arabica pure coffee. Both brands are blends of coffee beans of controlled quality, coming from coffee growing countries around the world. They are also targetting the spices market in the U.S as well as the rest of the World.

Coffee addicts will be pleased by the different aromas and roasts. Spices addicts will naturally be drawn to the specific blends and freshness preserved by the packaging.

Product focus

Texas Coffee Company is a family-run Group, with the objective of constantly raising the bar, with the quality of the products and overall, the excellent service. You will not find any additives, fillers or chicory in their coffees, and they take care of using the right kind of packaging depending on the products’ specifities, especially for the spices.

Whether it is filling, capping / sealing or labeling, CDA is there to help finding the perfect packaging style for you. Texas Coffee Company, understood our values and work ethic, and chose the Ninon 2500, which is an automatic labeler that ensures fast, accurate and efficient product labeling, with great capacity due to its table at the very exit of the conveyor. The machine is quite the relief as well, as it can label many types of products.

Texas Coffee Company

Ninon 1500/2500

Linear labelling machine to apply up to 4 pressure sensitive labels per container

  • Broad range of labeling applications and various sizes of cylindrical containers
  • Accurate and efficient labeling (3-point technique)
  • Up to 60 products/minute
  • Up to 4 labels


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