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K-Net - Semi-automatic filler and capper - Herbal Vineyards - CDA USA

Herbal Vineyards - K-Net - Semi-automatic filling and capping machine

Herbal Vineyards is a group that can be described just by its name. Their area of work is to use 100% raw, wildcrafted sea moss just like a regular vineyard would, and provide their customers with the best seaweed or algae superfood possible. The sea moss is an ingredient that contains vital vitamins & minerals, improving not only the overall health (skin, toxins, inflammations and so on) but your immune system as well (calcium, manganese, zinc, bromine, iron and protein).

The company owns a very special (and controlled) vineyard with very special organic products made in different formats depending on the use you make of it.

Product focus

Herbal Vineyards has quite the range of products made with their own produced sea moss. Gel, capsules, or even raw superfood. Highly beneficial for healing the skin, ingested it is equally as beneficial for your skincare but also your healthcare, and is seen as a natural premium superfood remedy.

In their quest of quality, they decided to use the K-Net machine from CDA. This semi-automatic filler and capper can be adapted depending on the filling system they require, and has a high-rate of accuracy. As an option, a screwing system was installed, ensuring a more complete packaging process, and more efficiency.

Herbal Vineyards


Semi-automatic filling and capping machine adapted for liquid, viscous or pasty products

  • Up to 600 vials/hour
  • Pump types : Volumetric, piston, peristaltic
  • Suitable for all types of liquid


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