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La Palm Products - Ninon Down - CDA USA

Ninon Down - La Palm Products | Automatic labeling machine for various products

La Palm Spa Products is a company that specializes in producing luxurious and effective spa products for skin and nail care. Their product line focuses on using smart ingredients and expert formulas to keep skin and nails healthy.

Product focus

The group highlights the use of collagen to boost moisture and promote a youthful appearance, as well as vitamins to help maintain and restore the natural balance of skin and nails. For example: Collagen Massage Lotion (Fragrance-Free), a hydrating and moisturizing massage lotion that contains pure oils and natural ingredients to leave skin silky and smooth throughout the day. Or a Healing Therapy Massage Lotion (No. 5 and Lemon variants are designed to hydrate and moisturize the skin as well. They are available in different sizes (8 oz, 24 oz, 1 gallon).

La Palm Spa Products has been using a CDA labeler. The Ninon Down , which can pointedly label the bottom part of the products it is labeling. One of its major strengths is that it can be used in various industries.

La Palm Products

Ninon Down

Automatic labeling machine to label the bottom of products

  • Bottom labeling
  • Stores 50 product labeling positions in its memory
  • Easy to use and control
  • Via user-friendly touchscreen


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