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Regionale - Automatic labeler - New York Distilling Company LLC - CDA USA

New York Distilling Company LLC - Regionale - Automatic labeling machine

Brooklyn has been making drinks since the 1700s. But during Prohibition, when there were over 50,000 secret stills in New York City, that tradition stopped. Nowadays, thanks to The New York Distilling Company, the smell of crafted drinks is back in town. Tom Potter, who helped start Brooklyn Brewery, alongside spirits expert Allen Katz, began this respected company in 2011. As a result, they brought back the art of making special artisanal drinks, making it a famous place in Williamsburg. It is located near McCarren Park, showing Brooklyn’s strong spirit and drive to create.

Product focus

The New York Distilling Company is deeply committed to rye whiskey, a once-popular spirit that faded after Prohibition. They partner exclusively with Pedersen Family Farm in Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes Region to carefully select and cultivate their rye. Thus, ensuring top-notch quality and authenticity. Their latest creation, Jaywalk Rye, showcases this dedication. Crafted from Horton rye, a historic grain varietal with roots dating back to New York’s colonial era, it’s available in three expressions: straight rye, bonded rye, and heirloom rye. Jaywalk Rye captivates with its depth and complexity, which is a testament to years of passion and expertise. These exceptional whiskies invite enthusiasts to experience the revival of New York’s distilling heritage firsthand.

Moreover, the Regionale, manufactured by CDA, serves as a dispenser and crimper. The machine is used by various groups, including The New York Distilling Company, as it can apply up to 4 labels on wine or spirits bottles and easily adjusts to different label textures and types.

New York Distilling Company LLC


Machine for dispensing, crimping capsules and for applying up to 4 pressure sensitive labels

  • Metal or PVC capsules (8-roller crimper or thermal head)
  • Accurate and efficient labeling (3-point technique)
  • Intuitive operation and easy to adjust
  • Up to 1500 bottles/hour or Up to 4 labels


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