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K-Net Auto - Automatic filler and capper - Big Spring Spirits - CDA USA

Big Spring Spirits - K-Net Auto - Automatic filling and screw-capping machine

Big Spring Spirits is a Distillery that focuses on bringing forward local products with local ingredients (local grain, local water, and of course local whiskey). Located in Pennsylvania they are found everywhere in the community, whether it is in restaurants, in taverns or homes. They are proud to use their award-winning Bellefonte water, as they are very mindful of the ingredients chosen for each of their drinks/cocktails.

The group is equally careful about their environmental impact and ingredients locally. Thus the reason why, they are a part of the LEED Gold-certified US Green Building Council, placing 1st as a Distillery in the State & 3rd in the World.

Product focus

Big Spring Spirits is a community-centered craft distillery, working in and for the community of Bellefonte at the Match Factory locally. They are widely known for their locally-sourced whiskeys or their seven-governor’ Gin, passing by their local farmers and artisans. In short, the group is very environmental-friendly and always seek the very best, for their products and their customers.

The K-Net Auto filler and capper, is a machine that suits many sectors, is very accurate and easy to set up. It is perfect for the type of dosing a Distillery such as Big Spring Spirits could need while ensuring the respect of hygiene rules. Surely, one of the main reasons why they chose this machine.

Big Spring Spirits

K-Net Auto

Automatic filling and screw-capping machine

  • Compliant for all types of liquid
  • Pump types : Centrifugal - Displacement - Peristaltic - Piston
  • Up to 1200 bottles/hour


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