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Ninette 1 - Semi-automatic labeling machine - Castle Hill Cider

Castle Hill Cider - Ninette 1 - Semi-automatic labeling machine

Castle Hill Cider is a group you can find in the State of Virginia, with 600 acre grounds of Albermale Pippin apples, whose trees were grown pre-revolutionary war. They are proud of their orchard and of their community of local growers, season after season, always seeking the best quality of cider, and the best ground to glass experience for your senses and your palate.

Over the years, they have created a variety of products. Each cider has a particularity and its local natural ingredients loved and cared for, can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Product focus

Castle Hill Cider, is proposing different flavours and different ciders, the handcrafted ciders and the cider cocktails meant to be blended. As they think a lot about their customers’ wants and needs, all ciders are gluten-free. You have ciders for every occasions (meals, parties, summer and so on).

The nature of our collaboration, was made through the Ninette 1, a semi-automatic labeler for all cylindrical products, that the company uses for their different bottles one by one, which allows them to check by hand each labeled bottle, while maintaining a pretty fast labeling pace.

Castle Hill Cider

Ninette 1

Labeling system to apply 1 pressure sensitive label on cylindrical products

  • Up to 8 products/minute or 500 bottles/hour
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Compliant for all cylindrical products


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