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Ninette Flat - Semi-automatic labeler - Black Button Distilling

Black Button Distilling - Ninette Flat - Semi-automatic labeler

Black Button Distilling is a Group that spends a lot of time on their Bourbon made in a family-run factory, literally making black buttons, then turning into a Distillery in 2012. They are not afraid to experiment new things with their craft spirits, and remain loyal to the locals, by using locally-sourced ingredients (grains). They even prepare some fun cocktail recipes that you can find on their website or on Pinterest.

This specific Distillery goes through a lot of different processes, in order to give you a unique experience of either a sweet, spicy, or oaky drink. Or all of the aforementioned categories into one bottle.

Product focus

Black Button Distilling is all about their spirits : Whiskey, Liqueur, Gin & Vodka, Cocktails and their Bespoke Bourborn, which is a blending program that specializes in gathering your own tastes and the right barrel(s) for your bottle(s) and the specific aromas you are looking for.

This attention to details is what made them choose the semi-automatic labeler Ninette Flat for the packaging of such special bottles. The labeler is perfect for square, oval and flat products, and can be readjusted depending on the exact spot the labeling needs to be at.

Black Button Distilling

Ninette Flat

Semi-automatic labeling machine for oval, square and flat products

  • Labels all products with a flat surface
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Stainless steel and Aluminium


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