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Inkjet printing HSA label marking

Easy integration into a filling or labeling machine

Without contact with the product, the HSA industrial inkjet print module / printer allows automatic marking directly on the labels of your products. Placed directly on your automatic labeler, the HSA industrial inkjet marker allows you to affix all types of information to the labels of your products: date, time, bar code, serial number, batch number, etc.

Easy to use, this inkjet product marking module can be installed on a complete packaging line, a filling line or an automatic labeler.

This marker can be adapted to all types of products and sectors of activity: food industry(marking honey jars, oil bottles, vinegar bottles, preserves, jars, etc.), brewery (marking beer bottles), viticulture (marking wine bottles), paint / varnish (marking paint buckets, varnish pots), cosmetics (marking cream pots, etc.), chemicals (marking cleaning products, detergent containers, etc.)


  • Contactless industrial marking of products
  • Printing available for many supports
  • Suitable for CDA filling and labeling machines