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Complete CDA line: K-Line S – VST – Cap System – Ninon Mix Complete automatic line for distilleries

CDA offers comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to meet the packaging needs of spirits, including filling, capping, and labeling. Among our range of solutions, the machines most commonly utilized in distilleries are as follows:


  • The K-Line S linear filler is enclosed for ease of use and adjustment, while remaining versatile and offering excellent cleanability. Depending on your product specifications, we customize the dosing system to meet your needs, whether it involves volume measurement using one or multiple pistons or flow measurement, with or without the utilization of a pressurized buffer tank. With the K-Line S, you can package up to 3000 liters per hour, maintaining an accuracy of +/- 0.5% of the dosed volume.


  • The VST automatic capper stands out for its versatility and ease of use, offering automatic distribution and capping of T-corks. Equipped with an elevator, it transports the corks to an orientation bowl that distributes them automatically (in the correct direction) onto a ramp, ensuring the automatic distribution of the corks at the bottle’s neck. The elevator is a standard element, offering greater autonomy and simplifying the operator’s work. With a capacity of up to 1800 corks per hour (depending on the cork type), the VST ensures maximum efficiency.


  • The Cap System automatic capper and sealer is ideal for capping/sealing spirits such as rum, whisky, and more. This machine automatically distributes and caps heat shrink capsules and hoods, previously arranged in a “stick” in a hopper. With a capacity of up to 2500 bottles per hour (depending on chosen options, bottle and capsule formats, etc.), it is equipped with a conveyor, a capsule/hood distributor, one or two cappers as needed, as well as an intuitive touchscreen for easy management and setup.


  • Finally, the last stage of the packaging line is handled by the Ninon Mix labeling machine. This labeller can also be enclosed (optionally). The Ninon Mix stands out for its great versatility: it adapts to a variety of product shapes, such as cylindrical, conical (tapered), oval, or rectangular. Additionally, this labeller is capable of applying up to 5 self-adhesive labels per bottle.


All of these machines can be connected in various ways to create an L-shaped, U-shaped (or other shapes) line to suit each workshop’s configuration.

To best meet your needs, we offer the possibility of integrating complementary solutions into this line. These may include input/output tables, marking/coding systems, and any other elements necessary for your packaging process.

Feel free to contact our team to discuss your spirits packaging project!


Integrating machines inline from different manufacturers is complex (production rate, technology, conveyor height, size, operator training, etc.). Dealing with multiple manufacturers can lead to a loss of efficiency and solutions that are less "suited" to the customer's constraints.

CDA's decision

Benefit from advice and comprehensive services from a single point of contact specializing in packaging. A team of CDA engineers adapts the line to the customer’s needs and creates plans according to their workshop.


  • A sealed, turnkey packaging line, specially adapted to your product range
  • A complete line adapted to your workshop thanks to our engineering department (creation of a customized layout plan)
  • The quality and responsiveness of CDA's training and after-sales services


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