Natural Products Expo East is back in 2022

In 2022, over 1,000 companies will be exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo East in Philadelphia, PA. From september 29th to october 1st, this major trade show for naturals, organic and healthy products industry will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Don’t miss CDA USA team at booth 1229.

Our compagny has never stopped providing organic and natural products industry better packaging solutions. Indeed, we developed complete ranges of filling, labeling and capping machines adapted to natural products sector. Thus, we are able to follow producer’s requirements for food supplements, organic food products, essential oils, natural cosmectics…



CDA USA’s solutions and Natural Products Expo East

The Ninette Auto from CDA USA is an ultra-compact semi-automatic pressure sensitive labeling machine that allows you to apply up to two labels on all round products such as bottles, vials, jars, buckets, etc. The CDA USA’s Ninette Auto reaches a production rate of up to 1000 products per hour. And, the control of this semi-automatic labeler is managed by an intuitive touch screen.


Our E-Fill : first machine of our range of monobloc, the E-Fill is an all-in-one machine that fills, caps, and labels bottles and others containers from 5mL to 1L (32 oz). The E-Fill is ideal for essential oils or cosmetics for example. Moreover, this packaging line can apply up to 2 labels. And, it achieves a filling rate of up to 25 products per minute.


CDA USA’s K-Net: Our semi-automatic filling machine helps you to dose and fill any type of liquid product. Wether it’s fluid, viscous or pasty. K-Net is perfect for your small or medium production of natural products. Depending on the product you are conditionning and the container you are using, it can reach a production rate of 600 vials / hour.


The CDA Ninon Mix: This linear automatic labeller allows the labelling on sides and tops of many kind of products without any material change. This CDA machine can apply up to 5 labels with a capacity of up to 60 products / minute. It depends on the packaging you choosed for your product.

Please, come to meet us at booth 1229 from september 29rd to october 1st at Natural Products Expo East.