Every two years, Pack Expo opens its doors to tens of thousands of visitors at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
During 3 days, the whole industry meets to exchange and find the best solutions in terms of packaging. Companies specialized in many sectors will be present (food, cosmetics, parapharmacy, pets, automotive, chemistry, e-commerce…) in order to find the solution from the exhibiting suppliers.
In addition to gaining insight into future trends in packaging, the exhibit Pack Expo 2023 allows you to stay informed about process automation and to follow the evolution of suppliers and competitors.

Once again, CDA will exhibit its packaging machines on its booth:

– The Ninette Auto, semi-automatic labeler to apply 2 adhesive labels on cylindrical products.

– The Ninon Mix, an automatic labeler that can apply up to 5 adhesive labels on containers of different shapes (cylindrical, oval, square…).

– The K-Net, semi-automatic filling machine adapted to the dosage of most liquid products (with an optional screwing system).

– The E-Fill, a 3-in-1 monobloc packaging machine for filling, screwing and labeling small containers.

If you want to know more about our range of filling, screwing and labeling machines, click here or visit our booth at the exhibit Pack Expo 2023 in Las Vegas! Our team is always happy to discuss packaging projects!