Our customers asked us for it; our engineers created it. The latest innovation is the Ninette Auto, a semi-automatic labeler suitable for cylindrical formats (such as jars, bottles, cans, vials, small bottles).




The Ninette Auto, an ultra-compact labeler (1166x750x1220), is appreciated for its ease of use, robustness and versatility. This packaging tool is used by many professionals working in the fields of food, honey, viticulture, chemicals and many others!


Equipped with an anodized aluminium profiled conveyor and a rectangular receiving table, this labeling machine can apply up to 2 labels (label and counter-label) at a speed of up to 17 products/minute. As a result, this packaging solution is at the border between a semi-automatic and an automatic labeling machine. Driven by an intuitive touch screen (equipped with a product counter), the Ninette Auto is a labeling machine appreciated by operators who recognize its simplicity and ergonomics.


Initially designed to label cylindrical products with diameters between 40 and 200mm, this semi-automatic labeler has been modified to handle very small formats ! Indeed, an adjustable and interchangeable plate maker has been developed to diversify the labeling possibilities of the machine. Products with a diameter of 20mm can now be covered by this labeler: essential oils, food supplements, nail polish and other small products have definitely found a new ally for their packaging!


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