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Ninon Tapered - Automatic labeler - Pariser Industries Inc - CDA USA

Pariser Industries Inc - Ninon Tapered - Automatic labeling machine

Established in 1971, Pariser Industries Inc. has become a leading force when it comes to manufacturing. Particularly, in producing cleaning chemicals tailored to commercial, industrial, and institutional needs. With a legacy spanning over five decades, Pariser and its dedicated workforce are committed to customers’ satisfaction. Accordingly, they are constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate. Driven by a passion for excellence, the group diligently creates top-quality products. Moreover, they relie on a robust technical service framework to ensure the best value for their customers.

Product focus

Pariser prides itself on offering a wide variety of chemicals and technical services, meticulously tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries. Such as laundry, dry-cleaning, wet-cleaning, food service, housekeeping, janitorial, and water treatment. By closely collaborating with clients, Pariser Inc recommends specific procedures and solutions, precisely adjusting them to achieve the best cleaning results. Additionally, they are renowned for their high quality and precise work. They design their products to deliver an excellent performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, with a large portfolio of over 250 products and supported by a network of about 80 nationwide distributors, Pariser Industries is committed to innovating and providing advanced cleaning solutions. These, usually meet the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards.

In the meantime, Pariser Industries Inc. has chosen the Ninon Tapered machine from CDA. This labeling machine is designed for tapered products like jars, cans, and buckets. Furthermore, it is versatile and easy to adapt, making it suitable for a wide range of products.

Pariser Industries Inc

Ninon Tapered

Automatic labeling machine to label tapered products

  • Labeling on all types of tapered shapes
  • Labeling station can be angled via a 3-axis adjustment device (with position indicator)
  • Up to 50 product labeling positions in its memory
  • Up to 40 products/minute and up to 3 labels


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