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K-One - Manual independent filler - Smpl Manufacturing - CDA USA

Smpl Manufacturing - K-One - Manual filling machine

SMPL Manufacturing aims to be a top contract manufacturing partner. They are dedicated to providing clients with a simple and efficient experience, accompanied by an excellent communication. They take pride in delivering high-quality products to help businesses succeed. Offering manufacturing services for various products like skincare, haircare, dental care, essential oils, fragrances, and nutritional supplements. As you may have guessed, they handle a wide range of manufacturing needs. Throughout years of experience, they have been guiding clients for their product development’s process to achieve the best outcomes. Additionally, with an in-house 3PL (third-party logistics) system, they make sure that clients’ ideas smoothly reach their customers’ doorsteps.

Product focus

SMPL sets itself apart with its commitment to a hassle-free manufacturing process. Often guiding clients from concept to final product. Their team of experts collaborates closely with clients to streamline production. Moreover, they take care of every detail, from formulation to packaging and quality control. What distinguishes them is their dedication to expertise, customization, quality assurance, timely delivery, and transparency. Along with experienced chemists, engineers, and industry professionals, they ensure that products meet the highest standards, as well as regulatory requirements. Offering customization options to suit unique brand visions and strict quality control to guarantee customer satisfaction, SMPL Manufacturing prides itself on being a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes. Accordingly, they are simplifying your journey from concept to market success.

Additionally, they are currently using a filling machine from CDA, the K-One, equipped with a peristaltic pump. It enables precise and clean product dosing. This machine was designed specifically for fluid liquids and is adaptable to various sectors. Hence why it’s ideal for companies like SMPL Manufacturing.

Smpl Manufacturing


Filling machine for liquid products using a peristaltic pump | K-One

  • Automatic or semi-automatic mode
  • No fluid contact with the pump for a fast liquid changeover and easier cleaning
  • Highly flexible, reliable and easy to use
  • Stand-alone use and/or integrable in automatic filling lines


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